Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dustin starts A Bridge Too Far around Thanksgiving and doesn't finish until December.

I watched this movie in about 12 parts, but still really enjoyed it. Every time I started it up again, it seemed like I knew exactly where I left off. Very much like reading a novel, I guess.

There were lots of famous actors involved in this film, but I think my favorite was Anthony Hopkins, and my least was Gene Hackman. Ever since I read (or maybe saw in a making-of) that Sam Raimi had a hard time working with Hackman on the set of The Quick and the Dead because Hackman was a jerk, I really haven't liked him in anything since. In this movie, he played a Polish major (or general, perhaps) with a horrible accent.

Overall, though, this movie was great. The story came from (besides the actual event during the war) a non-fiction book by the same guy who wrote The Longest Day, Corneleus Ryan, which is a great book, and the screenplay was written by the writer of The Princess Bride, William Goldman. So, definitely some big names working on this film, and it paid off, I think. It's a good story, too, if you're interested on knowing what the allies did right after the success of D-Day. I also loved the very ending. The whole operation was a failure, so the ending really reflected that, and I love how the credits just roll without any music, just letting you be able to soak-in the fact that the whole ordeal was such a downer. This would be a great triple feature sandwiched in between The Longest Day and The Battle of the Bulge for a good European-Theatre education.

What's your favorite European WWII combat movie?


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  2. Thanks for being so nice! You're awesome! But, I don't think we can expect people to comment on every little post. Especially those boring ones about WWII movies no one cares about but me...

    Actually, I've been crying non-stop since I posted it until I saw your comment. Thank you for making my day. Now I can finally eat and get dressed. All I was doing was hitting refresh all day long.