Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Local Movie, Local Theater

I'm on the Lyric's mailing list, and I saw that they're playing the movie The Aviation Cocktail. I noticed that it was directed by "David R. Higgins," who I'm about 92% sure was in my graduating class (but he's gotten all beardy, so I can't completely confirm that). In any case, it looks like it'll only be at the Lyric till Friday, so if any of you guys in the Fort were looking for something to do, it could be a way to support a local filmmaker. Here's the trailer:

And here's a bit more information about the movie:

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  1. Good call on that. I actually know a couple people that were involved with that. Mike Haskins, one of the main actors, is a good friend of ours and Connor Boyle, who I don't really know who he plays in this, is also really cool. Like Sitz said, if you've got the time, it should be a good experience. And if you get to see it, let me know how it is since it's not playing around here.